Meet Our Team

Dr. Jeff Biehl : Veterinarian

Dr. Jeff Biehl opened Cornerstone Veterinary Services in December of 1998. He is a graduate of Purdue University’s Veterinary Science program, and he is our sole veterinarian, as well as our token male (poor Dr. Biehl). Dr. Biehl’s favorite animal is a white-tailed deer.


 Ellen Digue : Veterinary Receptionist

Ellen Digue has been with Cornerstone since October 2006. She is one of the smiling faces that will greet you at the front desk as one of our Veterinary Receptionists. Ellen's favorite animal is a cat - or any animal that needs love.


ellen - pic

 Janet Lewis : Veterinary Assistant

Janet Lewis has been with Cornerstone since June 2007. She regularly works with Dr. Biehl in the back, assisting with surgeries and in the kennel as a Veterinary Assistant. Janet’s favorite animal is a dog.


janet - pic

 Mary Webb : Veterinary Receptionist

Mary Webb has been with Cornerstone since June 2007.  She is the other smiling face that will regularly greet you at the front desk as a Veterinary Receptionist. Mary likes most animals, but her favorite one is a dog.


mary - pic

 Kilee Paul : Veterinary Assistant

Kilee Paul has worked at Cornerstone as a Student Worker since September 2008.  She can be found all over the practice learning the roles of Veterinary Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant as she studies to be a Veterinary Technician. Kilee's favorite animal is a dog.


 Renee Biehl : Office Manager 

Renee Biehl, Dr. Biehl's wife, is our Office Manager. She has worked at the practice since its opening in December 1998. She can typically be found in the upstairs business office, but some have reported sightings in other areas of the practice. Renee's favorite animal is a dog (specifically, a Pug.)


 Romi Plath : Consultant/Executive Assistant

Romi Plath has worked as a Consultant to Cornerstone since 2006, but she also worked for Cornerstone as a Veterinary Assistant from 2001-2003. On her days in the practice, she can typically be found wherever you find the Office Manager, Renee Biehl. Romi's favorite animal is a dog, though cats and horses rank high on her list, as well.



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